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Even with proper handling and maintenance, your JOSH product is not immune from damage in a crash or similar. For that reason, in addition to the two-year warranty, the Crash replacement program offers an additional two years of replacement service.

The crash replacement program shall allow you to replace your JOSH frame in case of a crash. 

Getting your crashed product replaced

To learn if your JOSH product is eligible for crash replacement, please create a service request via our website (Link to the website via QR-Code) to fulfill the replacement.

And include the following information:
• Picture(s) of the damaged product
• JOSH serial number
• Proof of purchase
• Your contact details
• Your shipping address 

After JOSH has reviewed your request for a crash replacement, JOSH will send you a replacement proposal.

After your request for a crash replacement has been approved, we ask you to ship your product to the JOSH service center to fulfill the replacement.

The replaced product will be supplied without JOSH’s standard two-year warranty. To enable us to service your product as quickly as possible, please remove all accessories, including tires, tubes, rim tape, cassettes, skewers, computer magnets, etc.

If you fail to remove these items, JOSH will not be responsible if these items are lost or damaged. JOSH will further have to charge you for removing them.

In case of the unavailability of the model of the product that you would like to get replaced, JOSH may supply a comparable product model.
JOSH has the right to exclude a product from crash replacement. In such cases reasoning is not required.


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